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How to Apply Individual Flare Lashes!

   What are individual lashes? Individual Lashes differ from the traditional "strip" lashes as they aren't applied all at once. They are applied individually. Individual Lashes are mainly sold in "flares" or, small clusters of about 5 - 10 lashes. They typically come in three different lengths; Short, Medium and Long.   Why individual opposed to strip? The awesome thing about individual lashes, is you can control exactly how you want your lashes to look. With strip lashes, you don't have as much control. Individual lashes are very fun and you can layer them on top of each other for very voluminous & dark lashes and you can mix up the sizes for any look you please. Also, if you want added length, but want to keep your look extra natural, individual lashes are great, because you can add a few flares to the top corner of your lash line and your eye shape will look elongated & your overall look will be more "girly".   Here's a few ideas of how you can use them:  Short flares starting at the corner (where your lashes are the shortest), then medium flares towards the middle, and long flares toward the end. Medium flares all across with long flares on top for long, and thick dramatic lashes. Medium flare, short flare, medium flare, short flare all the way across. Long flare, medium flare, long flare, medium flare all the way across. Medium flares starting at the middle of your lashline and long flares toward the end. (to imitate half lashes) Medium (or long) flares starting at the middle all the way to the end.(to imitate half lashes)   Remember, you can add them wherever you want! You don't have to apply them all across your lashline. You can apply them wherever you want added length or volume.   Tools you'll need: -Individual False Lashes -False Lash Adhesive (Strip Adhesive) -Tweezers -Mascara Step 1: First, apply all of your eye makeup, as applying false lashes should be your last step. Apply one coat of mascara. Step 2: Squeeze a small amount of lash adhesive on a clean surface. I'm using my lash tray as a surface for my adhesive. Then, pick up one flare with your tweezers. Pick them up as close to the bottom as possible. Don't apply too much pressure or you can bend the lashes. Then, dip the end in the adhesive. Step 3: It's not as necessary to wait as you would with strip lashes, because with strip lashes, the strip can lift off if the glue isn't tacky. Individual lashes won't fall off. But, if you'd like to wait for the glue to become tacky for 10-15 seconds, you can go ahead and do so. For reference, I don't wait. :) Step 4: While looking forward in a mirror, tilt your head back slightly so your eyelid flattens. You should have a clear view of your lashline. You can start from any area you want, but I like starting from the middle. So, starting from the middle, place the lash down on your lashline, as close as possible to the roots of your natural lashes, but not on top of them. The glue should be on your eyelid, not your lashes. The flare should be laying on top of your own lashes. Step 5: Close your eye that you just placed the lash on. Examine your placement with your other opened eye. The false lash should be going in the same direction as your natural lashes. If they are going in the opposite direction, take your fingertips and push them slightly so they are going in the correct direction.   Step 6: Continue with placing another lash next to the first one. If you want thick lashes, apply it directly next to the first one. For more of a natural look (what I'm doing), leave a tiny space in between. Step 7: Again, examine your eye to see if your placement is correct. (repeat step 5) Step 8: Continue applying the lashes to your lashline going outward. At this point, I've applied 5 flares. You can click on the image to see a close up of the image. You can see how much of a space I left in between each flare for an overall natural look. Step 9: To make your lashes extend outward, add an extra flare to the very end of your lashline. Step 10: Wait at least 5 minutes. Once the glue is completely dry, very carefully apply a coat of mascara to your top and bottom lashes. You want to be gentle because you can make the mistake of lifting some of the lashes off with the mascara wand. Source

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